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6 Jan, 2016

Parking Operators. Understanding the Generation Y ‘App & Rent’ Mindset To Win Customers.

By | janvier 6th, 2016|

Generation Y consumers prefer on-demand services enabled by sophisticated mobile apps. ComThings CTbee enables shared parking ACaaS solutions. Old fashioned barriers open up for a new business model.

15 Déc, 2015

Shared Parking Companies Invent The Future With ACaaS Access Control As A Service.

By | décembre 15th, 2015|

Overcoming the barriers to a new business model. Want to be the AirBNB of shared parking? ComThings has the hardware and software that enables ACaaS access control services to be created.

11 Déc, 2015

Shared Parking Operators. Freemium, GAFA and Your (Sustainable) Business Model.

By | décembre 11th, 2015|

Shared Parking Operators. ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) and GAFA (Google Apple Facebook Amazon) unlock your business model. CTbee takes shared parking to the next level.

27 Nov, 2015

Trends in Shared Parking Technology. Corporate and Shared Parking Models.

By | novembre 27th, 2015|

In a recent article (link below), the New York Times described how motorists in a 15-block stretch of New York’s Upper West Side were cruising 366,000 miles (589,000 kilometers) a year looking for a parking space. That’s about the equivalent of a journey to the moon … and half way back!