We’ve packaged our server, mobile and dongle tools. It’s the smart way to bring old barrier technology into the smartphone age.


Our bluetooth-to-radio dongle is the interface between bluetooth smartphones and existing remote controlled barriers or locks.

The missing link between remote control barriers and cloud-based solutions.

CTbee can be supplied as a low-cost portable dongle to control multiple barriers, or as a fixed controller next to a single barrier or lock.

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Smartphone SDKs

Now you can securely store radio control unlock codes in the cloud. We offer sophisticated booking, traceability and smartphone tools.

Simple Android & iOS SDKs for app developers to unlock remote control barriers.

A smartphone app will be the interface between your server-based tools and the CTbee dongle. We supply the APIs to enable communications in both directions.

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Web APIs

We have prepared a complete suite of APIs that will link server applications to the smartphone app, including APIs for traceability and revoking of access privileges.

Server admin software unlocks remote barriers via a smartphone app

Companies can integrate the ComThings solution with existing management software, or develop new ACaaS services from scratch. We offer APIs and a white label service.

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Shared parking

Shared parking

Use our solution to be the ‘Airbnb’ of shared parking.

With Access Control as a Service, ComThings can turn shared parking operators into a disruptive force.

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Last kilometer delivery

Last kilometer delivery

Your driver can open customer doors and barriers ‘over the air’.

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White label solutions for Access Control as a Service

White label solutions for Access Control as a Service

Secure virtual keys. Unlocking business potential.

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