15 Déc, 2015

Shared Parking Companies Invent The Future With ACaaS Access Control As A Service.

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Overcoming the barriers to a new business model. Want to be the AirBNB of shared parking? ComThings has the hardware and software that enables ACaaS access control services to be created.

11 Déc, 2015

Shared Parking Operators. Freemium, GAFA and Your (Sustainable) Business Model.

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Shared Parking Operators. ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) and GAFA (Google Apple Facebook Amazon) unlock your business model. CTbee takes shared parking to the next level.

8 Déc, 2015

Gollum – Smartphone programmable RF hacking tool – now open for Pre-Orders

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We are now opening pre-orders for Gollum V2, the programmable RF hacking tool controlled by your smartphone. More detailled information about [...]