Use our solution to be the ‘Airbnb’ of shared parking

Airbnb took a market that was disconnected, fragmented and lacking an end-to-end solution … then disrupted it. As a result, millions of homeowners and travelers around the world got connected with each other.

That model offers benefits all round. Homeowners get an income. Travelers get somewhere to stay. And the company got a valuation of around $24 billion.

Before ComThings, shared parking had the same challenges of being disconnected, fragmented and lacking an end-to-end solution. But now our disruptive technology gives shared parking operators an elegant, streamlined solution:

  • Open barriers from a smartphone. We connect old radio control with new bluetooth.
  • Create an app. We provide an API that lets you share access codes on demand.
  • Integrate the backend. Our cloud-based APIs integrate with your current booking/billing.
    ComThings can turn shared parking operators into a disruptive force.
ComThings ACaaS disruptive technology gives shared parking operators an elegant, streamlined solution

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We’ve raised the bar on shared parking solutions.

Shared parking solutions

ComThings is the smart, secure way to open parking barriers. With ComThings, shared parking operators can easily create a smartphone app that lets customers open specified barriers at specified times. It’s all enabled by our CTbee controller. CTbee talks to the smartphone app by Bluetooth … and with the barrier by conventional radio remote control. And with our APIs, shared parking operators can easily integrate their backend systems, a smartphone app, and the CTbee controller into a secure, real-time access management package.

It’s Access Control as a Service (ACaaS).

Become a disruptive force in three simple steps.

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth on radio-controlled barriers

We’ve created a CTbee device the size of a USB-stick that enables new Bluetooth technology and current radio-based remote controlled barriers to talk to each other. In simple terms, the CTbee dongle takes a Bluetooth command from the phone to ‘open the barrier’ … and turns it into the remote control ‘beep’ that’s used by existing barriers.

The good news is that you don’t need to make any change to your current barriers. They can be from different manufacturers, use different ‘beep’ signals, and be in the open or underground. All you have to do is capture and encrypt the ‘beep’ command for each barrier once from the existing remote controller (CTbee has a secure capture mode) … then securely store the ‘beep’ profile for each barrier in the cloud, on a smartphone, or on a dongle.

Now you’re good to go with a shared parking solution.

Enable Bluetooth on radio-controlled barriers

There’s two options for integrating CTbee with your current portfolio of barriers:

Option 1: Your parking customers return daily:

  • For hotel groups and parking companies with regular, repeat customers.
  • Give your motorist customers a branded CTbee dongle which they can pair with their smartphone
  • The motorist keeps a convenient bluetooth CTbee dongle in their car.

Option 2: You are a parking spot aggregator:

  • For companies who manage ad hoc parking spots for multiple private owners.
  • Have a wireless CTbee fixed by each barrier.
  • The motorist initiates the barrier-opening from their smartphone app.

You can mix options 1 and 2.

By the way, it’s important to note that because CTbee is wireless, it will not affect the warranty or service contract of any barriers. Our non-intrusive technology avoids the potential legal issues which wired systems can cause.

Step 2: Develop a Bluetooth-enabled app

Now your barriers are Bluetooth-enabled, the next step is to develop a smartphone app.

We’ve made that extremely easy. Our APIs enable your app to take the ‘open gate’ command from your Book & Bill backend infrastructure … and translate that into a Bluetooth signal which is recognized by the CTbee dongle and/or fixed device.

This simple approach means you can update any existing apps which you might have already developed, or quickly integrate the CTbee capability into a brand new app.

Develop a Bluetooth-enabled app

Step 3: Integrate with your Book & Bill infrastructure

So now you’ve got barriers which can talk to smartphones, smartphones which can talk to your Internet-connected infrastructure … so the final step is to integrate CTbee with your current Book & Bill infrastructure.

Once again, we supply APIs and optional software which enable you to upgrade your existing platform, or create a new shared parking platform from scratch. You can connect your preferred Book & Bill software to barriers anywhere.
And suddenly you’re the Airbnb of shared parking. With an end-to-end solution that is completely automated, and which offers exciting features.

Integrate with your Book & Bill infrastructure

CTbee features

  • Capture existing remote control ‘beep’ profiles with secure CTbee capture mode.
  • Option to offer a branded CTbee as part of your offer.
  • Proximity opening. Integrate smartphone GPS and open barriers automatically.
  • Proximity alerts. Use GPS to advise motorists of available parking nearby.
  • Calendar service. Real-time alerts to the motorist that their space is ready.
  • Time slot alerts. SMS motorists when their parking time slot is about to expire.
  • Late leaving penalties. Track if motorists have stayed beyond their time slot.
  • Revoke access. Service can be revoked instantly by user and by parking space.

Discover new services based around access control, security and traceability

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